Chapter 1 – New Begining

Nibha reached just on time to get on train. She has just a handbag with her. She boarded the train and suddenly felt nostalgic. The train was slowly taking pace and rushing out of the city. Her memories, her childhood, her friends, siblings, all she is leaving behind.

Today she is going to start a new life. She want a new her to emerge from her, to forget the past. The betrayal, she only want to remember as an inspiration – Not to trust others, and not to fall in Love.

Only if she knew that fate does not follow anybody, we follow our fate.

When she reached, it was past evening the next day. She is new to this part of India. She has always been near sea, but this small city was surrounded by mountain. Although the appearance seem dry and lonely, still she felt a vibrant energy ran through her surroundings. She took a share cab and reached Mihinagudi. It is a small town, where she has planned to stay.

All was already planned. She took out the small yellow note, where she has written the address. She asked a elderly after getting down from the cab. He gave the exact direction, and she reached there in five minutes walk.

It was a small house with a beautiful garden with variety of unknown flowers. She opened the small gate walked passed the garden and slowly reached the Mahagony door. She searched for the calling bell, but could not find one. Hesitatingly, she banged the door. After some time a cleanly dressed lady opened the door. “I am Nibha..I was supposed to come today..”, she said.

The lady, probably older than her by a decade, flashed a recognition and said, “Please come Madam, I have prepared everything for you. My name is Nirmala”.

Nibha smiled and entered her new home.

Next day morning she got up early. Today is her joining date. She is joining as a trainee in the accounting department for the ABC Co. Pvt Ltd.

She reached her office premises before the scheduled time of 9.00 am. After all the necessary formality, she sat in the well decorated waiting room to meet the Big Boss. There were quite a few people joined today and all were waiting in the room. When her turn came, she nervously got up, and went pass the reception counter, slowly opened the heavy door to enter inside the big room.

The room was very tastefully and luxuriously decorated with wood and leather. Her eyes fell upon the huge wooden table with silver border and piles of files scattered on it. Behind which in a high leather chair was occupied by a young and handsome person. Nibha could not believe that this person could lead a company. He was hardly few years elder to her. Nervously she coughed a little. The person behind the chair, looked up from the file, straight into her eyes, and Nibha froze.

It was a cold pair of eyes devoid of any emotion, with similar emotionless tone, he said “Welcome Ms Nibha. Hope you enjoy working here. Please follow the rules. Than..” The desk phone rang, making the chilly room suddenly loud. “..Yes….I know…I hate to listen to excuses…it does not matter to me how you accomplish the job….”. The cold arrogant voice replied to the phone.

Nibha politely smiled “Thank you Sir..” and left the room. She thought, just now she has seen a fire, which can make your bone chill, A Cold Fire.


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